Different Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana to Combat Diseases

2018 could arguably be the year when marijuana legalization was said to have swept the United States. After President Trump officially legalized hemp by signing the bipartisan law, Michigan, Utah, and Missouri also joined the club of the states which had legalized medical marijuana. As of 2018, annual medical marijuana sales stood at $4.5 billion. According to a survey carried out by Harvard, 85% Americans support legalization of medical marijuana.

The reason behind this surge in popularly is fairly simple. Studies have proved that medical marijuana helps alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s, tremors, and even post traumatic stress disorder.

Confused about how exactly can medical marijuana be consumed? Allow us to explain.


Because its origins lie in a plant, dried marijuana leaves or buds can be consumed by smoking them. This is one of the most common methods of administering medical marijuana.

On the other hand, a lot of people try vaping it. Vaping is same as using vaporizers. According to research, this is a safe way of consuming medical marijuana as compared to direct smoking since direct smoking is known to cause respiratory problems due to combustion of weed.

Marijuana steam pipe

Cannabis tinctures

Under this method, medical marijuana leaves are left to soak in alcohol solution and then strained out. This creates a fine liquid which is later infused with controlled levels of THC and molded in form of tinctures and toners. The most common way of using marijuana tinctures are to directly placing some under the tongue. It easy for patients to administer controlled dosages only because marijuana tinctures come on small glass bottles along with droppers. Tinctures are known to be more fast acting and effective than edible sources.

Edible medical marijuana

You can’t directly ingest buds or leaves of marijuana. They’re ideally fused with baking items or mixed with butter to form a special new product called ‘Cannabutter’. Before baking anything, you can also take a bunch of dried marijuana leaves, crush or grind them, and mix the powder with in butter or oil. This is a convenient option for those who have respiratory issues and can’t inhale or smoke medical marijuana.

For those who suffer from diabetes and can’t consume baking items, scientists have now started working on sugar-free marijuana edibles.

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