3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Self-Medicate with Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to treat various medical conditions; however, a large number of doctors still refrain from prescribing it to patients.

However, some patients choose to take it even if the doctor advises against it. When patients decide on a treatment and medicate themselves without consulting a qualified healthcare provider, it’s known as “elf-medication.”

While taking a painkiller for a headache is completely safe, when it comes to consuming medical marijuana, self-medicating is never a safe or intelligent option. Here are 3 reasons why it’s imperative to seek a medical marijuana doctor’s advice before choosing medical cannabis for treatment.

Medical Cannabis Is Prescribed In Different Doses and Forms, In Accordance With Your Medical Condition

The most important and obvious reason to not self-medicate with marijuana is that it comes in different forms and strains. For each medical condition, a unique dose of medical cannabis is required to alleviate the symptoms.

In many cases, even qualified practitioners use trial-and-error to set the right dose, as every person reacts to doses differently.

Additionally, the effect of CBD oil on your body may be entirely different than that of dried cannabis. A wrong dose can have side effects that may impede your daily life and activities.

You Might Be On Other Medications

Doctors are well-informed about the chemical properties of the cannabis they prescribe to you. If you’re on other medications, such as for diabetes and blood pressure, they’ll ensure that the drug is compatible with medical cannabis before prescribing it. Looking out for drug interactions is extremely important to avoid life-threatening situations.

cannabis on palm of hand

You Might Be Using the Wrong Strain

Another reason to avoid self-medicating is that you may not be able to correctly identify which strain is required to alleviate the symptoms of your medical condition. Most people may treat themselves with anything they might be able to easily obtain and increase the doses if the results are not satisfactory. For every strain of marijuana, the symptoms of withdrawal are different too and must be identified correctly in order to treat them.

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