3 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

As of today, 33 US states have legalized the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients in some capacity. People have to go through a process of evaluation and recommendation to get the medical marijuana card, after which they can gain access to the compound.

The laws and regulations regarding the use and possession of medical cannabis differ for each state. Similarly, the criteria and the process through which they approve patients for medical marijuana cards also vary.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

In Florida, patients seeking medical marijuana treatment for their health condition, first have to contact a medical marijuana doctor at a clinic, get a consultation, and submit an online application. After this, Florida’s Department of Health (DOH) reviews the application and issues a medical marijuana card to the patient with a qualifying condition.

How Much Does It Cost?

Patients applying for a medical marijuana card in Florida have to pay two different fees; first for the initial visit to the doctor and another $75 for online application.

Why Should I Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re wondering whether the whole process is even worth it, then lets us tell you that it definitely is!

Here’s why.

1. Access to High-Quality Cannabis

Having a medical marijuana card means you can order the compound from an approved dispensary in your state. You can trust these dispensaries to provide you with the best quality marijuana, as their products are thoroughly tested for quality assurance before they reach you.

2. It Reduces Costs and Taxes

As cannabis is also used for recreational purposes, it’s very expensive and is also taxed heavily by recreational dispensaries. Having a medical marijuana card allows you to have access to medical dispensaries where you can obtain the compound at more affordable rates.

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3. Offer Legal Protection

Using medical marijuana without a certification can land you in legal trouble, even if you’re using it to treat a health condition. Penalties for possessing illegal marijuana can include fines, imprisonment and treatment for addiction.

Having a medical marijuana card means you’re verified for the use of the compound under the protection of the law. This gives you peace of mind and you can continue using medical marijuana to improve the symptoms of your health condition.

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