Talking to Your Doctor about Alternative Treatment: A Discussion on Medical Marijuana

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Obtaining a recommendation from your doctor is the first step toward getting a medical marijuana card and obtaining the treatment. However, for those who may be leaning toward trying medical marijuana for the first time, finding the right way to speak about the treatment can prove to be difficult.

Given that the idea of consuming marijuana already connects to so many false ideas and misconceptions, it can be quite troubling for a patient to speak about the subject because they don’t really know how to ask for such a “controversial” alternative treatment.

For that, Midori Med is here to help!

What Patients Should Know When Speaking to a Doctor about Medical Marijuana

– Be Honest About Your Condition

If the current treatment hasn’t provided any positive results, it’s important that you speak frankly about any other treatment options that speak to you. Of course, your doctor will first take your medical history into account before recommending medical marijuana, but transparency from your side is important.

Be honest about the details, why you think marijuana will help, if you’ve tried it before, any research you’ve read. This will give your doctor a clear picture of how you plan to deal with the drug.

– Don’t Fall Back on Any False Statements

Not all strains of marijuana will give you a high! These psychoactive symptoms are caused by something called THC, a chemical found in most marijuana strains.

However, since some people dislike this specific effect, they’re usually recommended a strain with lower levels of THC and high levels of CBD, which is considered to be the best medical material.

When asking for a medical marijuana prescription, show your doctor that you’ve studied the science and differences in each strain and know what you’re asking for.

– Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If something confuses you, especially about dosage, strain, quality, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to explain the fact in detail. Medical marijuana has its own range of side-effects and offers a different experience to each person.

If you’re worried about asking any embarrassing questions, don’t be. That’s what your doctor is there for. They’ll be more than happy to explain the concept so you can be well-informed about your treatment plan.

– Talk about the Dosage

When to wean off your current treatment and start the new one, how much should you take, what to do if you miss a dosage, what to do if your symptoms get worse, when will you be able to move on, if the outcome will be favorable—if you’re serious about this, be thorough. You’ll be following this treatment plan for a long time.

Need Help?

If your doctor has agreed, contact Midori Med.

We’ll help you through the whole process of getting approved for a medical marijuana card and will even guide you to the right dispensary for your treatment. Located in North Miami, we’re one of the leading companies in Florida, and help clients get the treatment they need.

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