Painkillers vs. Medical Marijuana: A Debate


While the benefits of medical marijuana have become quite well-known, the product was initially considered to be most effective for those who suffered from pain in any form, including chronic pain.

That is still true.

Even today, despite the number of painkillers available, patients still lean toward using medical marijuana for managing their condition, given that the product has essentially no side-effects (unless it’s high in THC), and can treat a number of additional symptoms as well.

Yet, some argue that perhaps the patient has not received the right dosage or specific allopathic medication, which is why they’re wrong to use marijuana for treatment.

Which opinion is correct? Let’s discuss.

Using Marijuana for Treating Pain—Is It Right?

While you might think we’re biased, given that Midori Med offers assistance and access to patients who may need medical marijuana in Florida, the truth is that there is plenty of research that backs our dedication to the medicinal use of the drug.

Considering its effects in combating pain, there are studies dating back years to just about a few months back, that have proven medical marijuana to be an effective treatment option for those who experience pain as well as insomnia.

Additionally, a study on the subject states that medical marijuana is a much better option for those who want to avoid over-the-counter medication and opioid prescriptions. From the many benefits that marijuana has, its quality of having no serious side-effects is one of the main reasons why patients seek the plant-based medication.

While with opioids, a patient may run the risk of overdosing, that’s not the case with medical marijuana. Yes, there is a certain risk with all medication that the patient may become dependent on the drug. However, unlike allopathic medication, which is absorbed through the gestational tract over several hours and therefore loses most of its potency, marijuana is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through smoking, vaping or through tinctures.

As a consequence, the impact takes lesser time to show its effect.

Treating Pain Issues with Medical Marijuana

If you believe that medical marijuana treatment may help your pain issue, your first step should be to book an appointment at Midori Med right away.

If you have a qualifying medical condition, it can speed up the process of getting registered for a medical marijuana license, which we’ll help you with. Once that’s done, our doctors guide you on options and reliable dispensaries to go to.


When it comes to managing pain, medical marijuana has proven to be much more effective and quicker than your average painkiller. So, if you want access, there’s no time to waste.

Contact Midori Med in North Miami and let us know about your problem!