Medical Marijuana in 2020: Can Marijuana Fulfill the Macro Objective of Employment

Marijuana Plant

Discussions around career opportunities in the US are usually centered on the health and technology sectors. While these are dominating fields, job opportunities in the medical marijuana and cannabis industry are more likely to be the next big thing to look forward to in 2020.marijuana leave designed in american flag

The national policy debate around medical marijuana in 2019 is in a very different place than even a year ago. Today, leaders are not only expected to put forward policies that expound the benefits of medical marijuana, but are also required to fight for its legalization because of dominating public opinion.

The reason why more and more lawmakers are interested in legalizing marijuana usage in the medical industry is because of the sales it generates. The growth of the industry will have a drastic impact on the overall economy, creating job opportunities for people who may have been incarcerated because of the past war on drugs.

The following are ways in which medical marijuana may increase employment rates in 2020:

Decriminalizing African American Drug Offenders:

During the war on drugs, African Americans and Latinos were targeted far more frequently than white people were for possessing marijuana. With the decriminalizing and legalization of medical marijuana in over 30 states, the cannabis industry may end up attracting scores of people of color.

However, minority groups are still reluctant to take up opportunities in medical marijuana companies because of past experiences. But with the Social Equity Program, lawmakers are trying to attract people of color to join the workforce.

Increasing Job Opportunities

Medical marijuana and cannabis is a big business with a huge consumer base. According to research, 62% of the American population is living in states where possession and use of marijuana are legal—making it quite accessible. This access also creates job opportunities for people who want to enter the industry.

In 2016, the industry stood at an estimated value of $7.2 billion; moreover, it is expected to grow by 17% every year. Following the estimates, the sales of marijuana are expected to reach $13.3 billion, while adult recreational sales can reach $11.2 billion.

With the increase in sales, there is also a need to grow, harvest, process and sell marijuana at a higher rate—which means more jobs. Medical marijuana is expected to create 250,000 new jobs by 2020, according to a report released by New Frontier Data. Job seekers may also be surprised to learn that the medical marijuana industry is expected to create more jobs than utilities, manufacturing and government positions.

With the ongoing legalization and ever shifting demographics of medical marijuana usage, we can expect that the industry will only grow in 2020 and impact the economy drastically. We only have to wait, see and encourage people to join the industry.

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