Medical Marijuana for Controlling Depressive Episodes during PTSD

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PTSD and Depression:

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a serious psychiatric condition with several major medical symptoms. These range from depressive and suicidal thoughts and insomnia to violent flashbacks and impaired concentration.

Because PTSD usually develops as a result of a traumatic or scary experience, the symptoms can also be traumatic. The rates of suicide are quite high among people with PTSD.

Using Cannabis to Treat PTSD:

As with any other medical condition, patients with PTSD struggle to find relief from the painful symptoms of PTSD in conventional medication. However, unsurprisingly, many have turned to medical marijuana due to its therapeutic effects.

Past studies wrote off marijuana as a drug that just temporarily helps the patients escape negative feelings while worsening their long-term conditions. However, further analysis has shown that medical marijuana has many other benefits apart from the suppression of negative feelings.

Certain components of the cannabis plant interact with the naturally-produced molecules called endogenous cannabinoids in our bodies.

These help the brain and body stabilize by regulating their functionality and enhancing the synaptic plasticity in the brain. The overall effect is quite soothing and offers relief from the traumatic experience by diminishing anxiety and enhancing sleep.

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A Promising Future:

New research is constantly being done to understand the potential of medical marijuana for PTSD fully. Results look promising when they involve lower-risk cannabis use with better mental health reported from multiple findings.

A study conducted on a national scale in Canada showed that people with PTSD that used medical marijuana are 60 to 65% less likely to have major depressive episodes or thoughts of suicide as compared to those who don’t use medical marijuana to treat PTSD symptoms.

Obtaining Effective Medical Marijuana Treatments

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