A History of Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

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You might have noticed how medical marijuana has become a trending Google search in the past few years. Many assume that’s because of the recent discovery of the curative properties of this herb. This, however, is a general misconception.

The history of medical marijuana for as a pain-relief plant goes back millions of years. It remained a popular drug in the medical industry due to its therapeutic potential, up until opioids and aspirin took its place in 1942.

It received severe criticism for its psychoactive properties and because of this an invaluable painkiller was banned under the Controlled Substances Act. While the accusations made weren’t false, they were definitely reductive, and ignorant to the safe medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

Here’s a quick run-through of the history of medical marijuana.

Ancient Times

Marijuana began to be identified as an agricultural crop by the name of ‘hemp’, in ancient times. It was vastly popular for its high-protein seeds and oil, and the fiber that could be used for making ropes and fabric. While hemp is derived from the cannabis plant, it’s just one branch of it that doesn’t offer psychoactive benefits.

2737 B.C.

Emperor Shen Neng of ancient China was among the first leaders to sanction the use of marijuana tea. He condoned official prescription of this therapeutic herb for its curative benefits that helped rheumatism, gout, weak memory, and malaria.

2000-1400 B. C.

Cannabis was widely used in India around this time. This herb was a fundamental part of the Indian culture due to its medicinal, recreational, spiritual and religious properties. It was an additive commonly used in drinks for both, its psychoactive and curative benefits. A popular ethnic drink by the name of bhang was made with cannabis paste, milk, oil and other spices.

1550 B. C.

Medical cannabis became known as an effective antidote for inflammation in Ancient Egypt, as noted by Ebers Papyrus.

100 A. D.

A medical publication in Ancient China by the name of Shennong Bencaojing referred to cannabis as dama—meaning great cannabis. It revered every part of this plant for exclusive medicinal benefits.

Medieval Times

Cannabis was frequently used in medical treatments throughout the Middle Ages in the Middle East. The prohibition of alcohol in an ethnic religion—Islam—caused the believers to revert to marijuana for seeking similar effects.

100-1000 A. D.

While in Europe, marijuana was not associated to any cultural or religious practices. It was purely used as a medicinal drug for tumors, jaundice, and coughs. While it offered various therapeutic benefits, physicians took caution while using them, for fear of triggering any side effects.

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