Chronic Pain? Medical Marijuana can Deal with It

man having neck pain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contend that the prevalence of chronic pain ranges between 11–40%. According to the CDC, 20.4% of all adults in the US experience chronic pain, whereas 8% experience severe chronic pain. Does that sound like a small number to you? Well, to put it into perspective, it’s about 50 million Americans—that’s a lot of people.

Whether caused by an injury or a pulled muscle, chronic pain can be severely debilitating, and can seriously affect the quality of people’s lives.

The main culprit behind chronic pain is damaged nerve endings. Damage to the nerve endings makes pain last and makes it more intense. Cases such as these aren’t easy to take care of, since treating the injury does not resolve the problem.

But Wait—There’s a Solution

Chronic pain can be dealt with via over-the-counter medicines, but those carry side effects. The risk of addiction or worse is always attached. However, the Journal of Health Affairs published research some time ago which shed light on a different kind of treatment: marijuana.

Now wait just a minute, isn’t marijuana supposed to be addictive too?

Well, it depends. In the case of medical marijuana, addiction is not an issue.

The Difference between Medical Marijuana and Plain Mary Jane

Marijuana has hundreds of active elements in it, two of the most potent being THC and CBD. You know how smoking pot is associated with a high? That’s the THC doing its job, making you feel euphoric and ecstatic.

But there’s also the other element, CBD, doing its job on the sidelines: this is the component that makes you forget all your worries and stressors for the moment, because it helps with pain reduction.

Medical marijuana, as it happens, is rich in CBD content, whereas its THC content is severely lacking—almost negligible, in fact. The predominant CBD content, then, is what helps people with chronic pain.

How to Obtain this Effective Treatment Option

If you live in Hallandale, North Miami, or Hollywood in Florida, you’re in luck. Chronic pain is a qualifying condition for people who wish to obtain a medical marijuana card.

You can schedule an appointment with us and obtain your card from our medical marijuana clinic. Once you have your card, you can buy medical marijuana easily from approved dispensaries.

We’ll also help you find dispensaries and independent growers, and are always available to answer all your questions!