Arguments In Favor Of Medical Marijuana Legalization

Kush on glass container

Despite many states legalizing the medical use of marijuana, there has been a raging debate about whether medical professionals should use in their treatment plans—despite its effectiveness.

Many argue that medical marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because of its supposed addictive characteristics. However, the rules and regulations surrounding the sale of medical marijuana can tackle potential abuse.

Let’s analyze why medical marijuana needs to be made legal using an all-encompassing lens:

Public In Favor Of Legalization

Since the start of the debate around the legalization of medical marijuana, public polls have consistently and overwhelmingly supported the matter at hand. While Congress may not support the idea of legalizing medical marijuana, 94% of Americans do.

Future electoral candidates need to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana if they want to win the popular vote. These candidates also need to believe in the advanced treatments that medical marijuana can enable in the healthcare industry to create long-lasting policy change.

Racial Discrimination Disguised As Criminal Offense

For anyone who’s aware of the long history of racial profiling in this country, it’s common knowledge that laws are often made to cover up racial discrimination.

According to research, black and white people in this country consume marijuana in equal amounts. However, black people are more likely to be prosecuted for this criminal offense, and white people are most likely to be let go if it’s a first offense.

Losses To The Economy

No industry has boomed under the covers as much as the marijuana industry. And now that we have enough research to suggest that medical marijuana is, in fact, an essential drug for healthcare, we need to legalize its use for the health of our people and the economy.

The illegalization and the prohibition of marijuana alone cost $7.7 billion annually. If we could use this money to research its benefits, we would be doing a massive favor to the economy and the healthcare system.

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